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Give your lashes length, fullness, and curl without compromising the health of your natural lashes. Every lash set is customized to your preferred length, shape, and curl.   

Book a full set when you aren’t currently wearing extensions. Every full set includes a free aftercare kit to help keep your lashes beautiful and healthy. Each set is customized to compliment your natural eye shape with your preferred style, length, and curl! 


"Mascara Look"

Add length and fullness to the eyeline while maintaining a natural look. 


Artist Choice

For when you're feeling Adventurous or want a more stylized lash line



Most Popular 

Add more texture, length, and medium amount of fullness with a mix of classic and volume. 


Add Color

Boost any lash set with splash of color lashes 



Achieve a full dense lash line with moderate length with full volume fans



 Very natural lash line that still enhances your eye shape with out lashing every lash. 


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